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Journal of the Korea Computer Graphics Society. Vol. 29, No. 4, 2023

Real-time Background Music System for Immersive Dialogue in Metaverse based on Dialogue Emotion
메타버스 대화의 몰입감 증진을 위한 대화 감정 기반 실시간 배경음악 시스템 구현
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2023;29(4):1-6.
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Exploring the Effectiveness of GAN-based Approach and Reinforcement Learning in Character Boxing Task
캐릭터 복싱 과제에서 GAN 기반 접근법과 강화학습의 효과성 탐구
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2023;29(4):7-16.
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Neural network for automatic skinning weight painting using SDF
SDF를 이용한 자동 스키닝 웨이트 페인팅 신경망
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2023;29(4):17-24.
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