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Journal of the Korea Computer Graphics Society. Vol. 24, No. 5, 2018

A DoF-Based Efficient Image Abstraction
피사계 심도를 고려한 효율적인 이미지 추상화
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2018;24(5):1-10.
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A Modified Method for Registration of 3D Point Clouds with a Low Overlap Ratio
적은 오버랩에서 사용 가능한 3차원 점군 정합 방법
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2018;24(5):11-19.
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Adaptive depth control algorithm for sound tracing
사운드 트레이싱을 위한 적응형 깊이 조절 알고리즘
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2018;24(5):21-30.
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Automated Classification of Ground-glass Nodules using GGN-Net based on Intensity, Texture, and Shape-Enhanced Images in Chest CT Images
흉부 CT 영상에서 결절의 밝기값, 재질 및 형상 증강 영상 기반의 GGN-Net을 이용한 간유리음영 결절 자동 분류
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2018;24(5):31-39.
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3D Virtual Reality Game with Deep Learning-based Hand Gesture Recognition
딥러닝 기반 손 제스처 인식을 통한 3D 가상현실 게임
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2018;24(5):41-48.
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