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Journal of the Korea Computer Graphics Society. Vol. 27, No. 5, 2021

An Accelerated IK Solver for Deformation of 3D Models with Triangular Meshes
삼각형 메쉬로 이루어진 3D 모델의 변형을위한 IK 계산 가속화
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):1-11.
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Cooking with a smart speaker: User experience of cooking with a voice-only recipe service
스마트 스피커와 요리하기: 음성기반 레시피 제공 서비스의 사용자 경험
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):13-23.
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TF color mapping for direct volume rendering with CNN
직접 볼륨 렌더링을 위한 CNN 기반 TF 색상 매핑
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):25-32.
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Motion Style Transfer using Variational Autoencoder
변형 자동 인코더를 활용한 모션 스타일 이전
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):33-43.
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Optimized Normalization for Unsupervised Learning-based Image Denoising
비지도 학습 기반 영상 노이즈 제거 기술을위한 정규화 기법의 최적화
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):45-54.
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Comparison of learning performance of character controller based on deep reinforcement learning according to state representation
상태 표현 방식에 따른 심층 강화 학습 기반 캐릭터 제어기의 학습 성능 비교
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):55-61.
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Drone Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm using Camera-based Reinforcement Learning
카메라 기반 강화학습을 이용한 드론 장애물 회피 알고리즘
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):63-71.
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A Comparison of Deep Neural Network Structures for Learning Various Motions
다양한 동작 학습을위한 깊은신경망 구조 비교
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):73-79.
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Design of Handwriting-based Text Interface for Support of Mobile Platform Education Contents
모바일 플랫폼 교육 콘텐츠 지원을위한 손 글씨 기반 텍스트 인터페이스
J Korea Comput Graph Soc 2021;27(5):81-89.
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